On Pins and Broken Needles

Amu Himamori

Character Name:
Amu Himamori
Shugo Chara
Costume Variation:
School Guardian Outfit with Volume 2 cover hair
Debuted At:
Anime North 2008
Awards won:
Anime North 2008 Hall Cosplay

Reference / Design Sketches

Costumes Notes

Shugo Chara was one of those guilty-pleasure reads for me. There are so many things that are very skeevy in that manga (age difference between Amu and Ikuto for one), but it kept my interest nonetheless.

I managed to find an almost perfect red plaid for the skirt and leg-warmers (which I have yet to see since). Both these pieces required customs patterns and were the majority of the sewing effort of the costume.

The shirt, tie, and jacket were thrift store finds. I had to remove a front pocket from the shirt and added the cuffs and armbands to the jacket.

The wig was an New Look Alicia with very minor styling. The X-clips are acrylic-painted femo hot-glued onto barrettes. My lack of wig-styling skills led me to skip her classic off-side pony-tail and do a style she wears on the cover of volume 2.

Overall this is one of my favorite costumes: quick to put on, fairly recognizable, and comfortable.