On Pins and Broken Needles


Character Name:
Batman Beyond
Debuted At
WGA! Presents: All Hallow's Eve


  • © 2000 Batman Beyond / DC Comics
  • © 2000 Batman Beyond / DC Comics
  • © 2000 Batman Beyond / DC Comics


  • Locks of wig fibre ready to be made into a weft
  • Laid down a line of caulking onto wax paper and placing fibres ontop
  • Full length of caulking covered in fibre
  • Another line of caulking drawn across the top of the fibres
  • Let the smushing begin!
  • After letting the caulking dry, carefully remove the weft from the wax paper
  • (Blurry) Close-up of the newly made weft

Costumes Notes

Batman Beyond was one of my favourite Batman series (probably only second to Batman: The Animated Series and that's including the live-action stuff) and I've always wanted to honour it with cosplaying one of the characters. When I needed a simple costume that was easy to move around in and that wouldn’t cause me to overheat, DeeDee came to mind.

Of course, I couldn't make too simple: I managed to convince a friend to do the other DeeDee twin with me, so I had to make everything in duplicate.

The shorts were a custom pattern and made from stretch twill, so are nicely fitted and extremely comfortable. The tops were simple tubes of red spandex, held up by tension and fashion tape. The hats were modified from a pattern I found online and constructed in an evening.

My wig was probably the most complex part of the costume. Because her hair is supposed to be an obvious wig, I bought a cheap, long, bright orange Halloween wig from Value Village. I trimmed the length to just a little longer than what I needed, saving the removed hair. With this extra hair, I made additional wefts using silicone caulking, that I glue back onto the wig with more caulking. Then everything was trimmed to the appropriate length, and dusted lightly with baby powder to reduce the shine off the fibres.

This was also my first experience with face paint and a definite learning experience. Things I learned:

  1. Snazaroo does a surprisingly nice and even coat of white for being a lower-end face paint;
  2. You really can’t layer bright red onto white and expect it to remain bright red (and not pink) unless you seal everything really well, or remove the white before applying the red.
  3. I suck at contouring overtop of facepaint.


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