On Pins and Broken Needles

Gothic Heartless

Character Name:
Gothic Heartless
Original Design
Debuted At:
Anime North 2004


  • © Kurumasha

Costumes Notes

I had a random goth phase back when. Random as in that it'd appear whenever I had time to spend on the make-up and clothes, which wasn't often and normally on weekends. This outfit was the product of that, my love of the game Kingdom Hearts, and wanting a fun outfit for dancing.

The heartless symbol on the skirt was a felt applique, sewn onto the skirt Friday night of Anime North in the hallway of the hotel while my roommates slept away in the room. The security guards wandered by me twice during my sewing foray, both times very skeptical that I was perfectly okay and that I was out in the hallway sewing only because my roommates were sleeping.


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