On Pins and Broken Needles


Character Name:
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Debuted At:
Heroes and Villains Halloween Dance 2010


  • © Vanillaware
  • © Vanillaware

Costumes Notes

I love the design for many of the Vanillaware games (Muramasa, Odin Sphere, GrimGrimoire), and had a blast playing Muramasa, so I decided to try my hand at Momohime for a Hallowe'en dance.

I'm not too happy with this costume (demonstrated by the fact that I've only worn it twice at back-to-back Hallowe'en parties) as there are many things that went wrong and/or I just want to redo for various reasons. So this isn't so much a write-up of how I did things, but more what I did wrong and what I'd do when I remake this costume.

1) The sleeves on the kimono just would not take the paint properly. I am currently blaming this on the fact I was using acrylic paint combined with a fabric-paint medium and not proper fabric paint. I'd like to redo the sleeves so I can have the pretty sakura flowers on them. (The gradient may or may not happen.)

2) Since I made this, I've learned so much more about kimono, kimono accessories, and their construction. The entire kimono would be redone to remove the inaccurate contrasting neckband and to use a fabric with a better drape.

3) This was really the first wig I worked on to any extent. And while I quite happy with the little mods I had to do, I didn't have a chance to make any of the hair accessories that go with it.

4) The leggings were scrambled together from a pair of striped socks with the feet cut off worn with a pair of stretchy-tabi socks. Ideally I'll remake them in a matte spandex or other stretchy knit material. The shoes were just a pair of flip-flops I had and not the proper waraji that she's shown with. (The waraji were another thing I attempted to make that didn't work out.)

5) And finally her armour. For this I just ran out of time and was so dissatisfied with the rest of the costume that I never bothered to finish it. I still have all the pieces in a bin and will probably put everything together as a mock-up for when I redo it all.

So that is Momohime and why I'm not happy with this costume and why there are so few pictures.


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