On Pins and Broken Needles

Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Deadpool)

Character Name:
Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Deadpool (Movie)
Debuted At:
Ottawa Comiccon 2016


Costumes Notes

I have an odd bucket list of things I want to do in my life, which includes things like take a vacation not related to family or conventions (surprisingly hard to do), get cat-paw prints henna'd onto my back, and get a buzzcut/shave my head. The main hestiation I had with the last one was that I needed a decent excuse in case I looked horrible with no hair, so I was patiently waiting for either a "buzz your hair, get a prize" or a "buzz for hair for cancer / charity" thing to pop up at a time and location I could actually participate. Instead, Deadpool happened.

From the first trailers I noticed that Negasonic Teenage Warhead had my faceshape (well, more than most women in movies) AND had a buzz so I put a mental asterisk to come back to the character once the movie was released. And then Deadpool hit theatres and Negasonic was love. I don't think I made it out of the theatre before poking Calamity about whether she thought I could pull off a buzz cut. Calamity being Calamity highly encouraged this idea (CALAMITY YES!). The only thing was that the next convention that would be appropriate for this costume was Ottawa Comiccon, which was 3 months away, so the idea was put on the back-burner to be mulled over.

Since Negasonic was to be worn at Ottawa Comiccon, it needed to be confortable as I'd be wearing it while running about as Masquerade Director, so closet cosplay it was (instead of trying to make her battle suit). In the three months (okay, really in the last couple weeks of those three months) leading up to OCC, I found all the parts to her more casual look that I didn't already own. In the end the only thing I had to modify was adding some yellow bias tape to the pants to imitate her battle suit and created a belt bucker out of foam and twill (which promptly fell off about 20 minutes into the convention).

Thursday night before Ottawa Comiccon, I headed to Calamity's, armed with my brother's clippers. Ten minutes later, I had (practically) no hair. And the best part was that it actually looked quite good.

Now the real fun began. See, I had told very few people that I was going to do Negasonic. Outside immediate family (who only knew because I had to explain at dinner why I needed to borrow my brother's clippers), the only people who knew what was going on was Calamity (armed with the clippers), Miss Messy Mia (Calamity's roommate), and Mai Sheri (because Needle Panic drift). For the con on Friday, I wore a blue wig all day to match my Stitch shirt, so no one was the wiser. Then Saturday morning arrived and donned all the layers of Negasonic and headed to the Masquerade Registration desk. The reactions from friends and aquaintances was the best part of the day; they ranged from wordless point-and-stare, to "nice wig... OH GOD THAT'S NOT A WIG WHAT DID YOU DO?!?" but overall positive.

One a side note, Negasonic is not an indoor-in-May costume. When fully dressed I was wearing a longsleeve turtleneck shirt, a sleeveless thin hoodie, and mildly-insulated pleather jacket, and a giant black scarf. I was overheating within 10 minutes of entering the convention floor and ended up ditching most of the costume except for photos.

While I really enjoyed wearing Negasonic, I'm not sure if she'll be worn again, or at least not until the Deadpool sequel comes out. I like the short buzzcut, but prefer my hair to be a bit longer.


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