On Pins and Broken Needles

Robin (Asterous Fashion)

Character Name:
DC Comics
Costume Variation:
Asterous Fashion
Debuted At:
Toronto Cosplay Picnic 2011

Reference / Design Sketches

  • © 2011 Megakato / Asterous Fashion

Costumes Notes

From the moment I saw Asterous Fashion's inspired by comics fashion sketches, I knew I had to bring some of them to life. Robin was the first I decided to take on (others are waiting for the appropriate fabric to show itself) as it looked to be quite comfortable and I've harboured an ongoing love for the various Robins since the early 90s.

The costume was almost entirely cotton twill, my go-to fabric. The shorts were made using a commercial pattern, but the corset and jacket are self-patterned.

The hardest part for this costume was actually sourcing the opaque(ish) thigh-high stockings and the shoes: finding ankle boots in June wasn't the easiest thing to do.

The pendant was made by a friend as a surprise gift. The sunglasses were an Ardene's find, which I modified by painting the arms red and gold.

I had two regrets with this costume: 1) I used plastic boning in the corset which is annoying to wear for any length of time (there's no local source for either steel or spring-steel boning in Ottawa) and 2) that I ran out of time to make the bag for the Picnic. (I did make up a laptop slip cover in purple and black for the Picnic and made the bag proper for Anime North 2012.)

One of the more amusing aspects to wearing this costume was that everyone assumed that the wig was my natural hair and their complete disbelief when I told them that is was a wig.


  • © 2011 Pan (Toronto Island Cosplay Picnic)
  • © 2011 Pan (Toronto Island Cosplay Picnic)
  • © 2011 Pan (Toronto Island Cosplay Picnic)