On Pins and Broken Needles


Character Name:
Sen (Chihiro)
Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi)
Costume Variation:
Bathhouse uniform
Debuted At:
Anime North 2003

Reference / Design Sketches

Costumes Notes

Spirited Away fast became my favorite Ghibli film and I knew I had to make Sen's bathhouse uniform. I quickly recruited another one of my friends to wear Haku when I found out she wasn't going to have enough time to make a costume. (And by recruited, I mean told that I was making her a Haku outfit and she should wear it. Sorry Sef.)

This was my first real attempt at making my own patterns. It was only somewhat successful. From a distance, this costume looks fairly good, close up... it's a bit more of a mess.

This costume also had me make two right legs; twice. And the pedal of my sewing machine had developed an electrical short, so the machine would continue sewing even when you lifted your foot off the pedal. There are some interesting seams because of this. And the "underclothes" are just bits of fabric safety-pinned in place since I ran out of time before the convention.

At some point I'd love to redo this costume properly since it was extremely comfortable and years later I still love the movie and character. (2016/2017 Update: I did redo this costume. Check out Bathhouse Uniforms for the new version.)


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