On Pins and Broken Needles


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A-kon 2010


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Costumes Notes

This costume was made primarily because the friends I was rooming with at A-Kon were doing a group BlazBlue cosplay. We originally started out with a Jin (a pink, female Jin), a Rachel, and myself as Taokaka, but our Jin had to pull out due to Art Show commitments.

There was a commercial pattern used at some point in this, but by the time I had modified the sleeves, the back, and added in the hood, it didn't resemble the original too much. I ran out of time while working on this, so the first version of the sleeves lacked a method to in which I could use my hands. I redid the sleeves later, incorporating proper escape hatches for my hands.

I should also mention that this costume is made from polar fleece. And tbat I debuted it at A-Kon, which is in Dallas, Texas in June. Despite the hotel and convention center being air-conditioned, I was sweating buckets before I even left the hotel room.

The braids were a few of packages of yaki hair extensions braided and tied together, and looped around my neck. They're easily removed from the costume so it can be thrown into the washing-machine. I borrowed a short blonde wig to complete the look.

Over the years and conventions, I've added bits and pieces to the costume: heelless platform boots, a tail, and a pair of theatre 3D glasses when I felt like being Hipster Tao.

I loved wearing this as it's insanely comfortable, at least when it's not extremely hot or cold outside.


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