On Pins and Broken Needles


Here's a bunch of links to my social media stuff, my favourite costumers and artists (be they friends and/or people I admire) and the conventions that I frequent.

Social Media


Artists, Photographers, Videographers, and other

  • Dan the VideoNinja
    Video-shenigans, interviews with cosplayers and convention guest, random babblings, and just a great guy, Dan has it all.
  • Elemental Photography
    Elemental is my favourite photographer to work with. I just adore her work and how she works.
  • SuxAtGames
    Gamer, Guildie, and long-time friend. Sux regularly streams on twitch the many games he plays, with a concentration on indie and retro titles.
  • Watermark 2180
    Amazing artist and writer, I've followed Ruaki's work for years.