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Hazama Hoodie

Project Name:
Hazama Hoodie
とも / Unknown (off Pixiv)
Janurary 2011

Reference / Design Sketches

  • © c.2010 Unknown
  • © 2010 とも

Project Notes

Due to circumstance, I knew what one of my friends was getting me for Christmas 2010, and it was fairly extravagant. So I had to gift extravagantly in return, but didn't have enough disposable income to live up to the gift's extravagance, so I decided to make something instead.

At the time, Ruaki was playing a lot of BlazBlue and her favorite character was Hazama. While I wasn't going to make a full costume of the character as that would have sat around unused, I wanted to make something inspired by the character. I found some artwork on Pixiv that had both Hazama and Ragna in casual sport-wear, which was perfect. Incidentally, I'm pretty sure the giftee was the one to link me to the work, with no clue what I'd do with it in the end.

The hoodie was made of two types of fleece (mainly because I could find both the vibrant green and black in the same type of fleece), and I modified a commercial pattern to have the front stripe and other details. The pompoms were strips of fleece tied together.

Finished and mailed almost a month after Christmas, it was loved upon arrival. Apparently the "Snake Suit" has been a winter wardrobe staple for a couple years now. I'm just glad it was worn at least a few times.


  • © 2011 Kurumasha
  • © 2011 Kurumasha
  • © 2011 Kurumasha