r On Pins and Broken Needles | Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

On Pins and Broken Needles

Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Character Name:
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)
DC Comics
Costume Variation:
Matt Fraction / David Aja
Debuted At:
Ad Astra 2015
Awards Won:
Ad Astra 2015 Honourable Mention - No Buts About It

Reference / Design Sketches

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  • © Marvel Comics

Costumes Notes

So, Mai Sheri introduced me the Matt Fraction / David Aja Hawkeye series sometime back in 2014. And while I adore Clint in that series (and in general), Kate may have edge him out as my favourite Hawkeye. And while she doesn't wear the same outfit more than once throughout the four volume run, the purple Emma-Peel-Avengers-inspired jumpsuit stood out to me and others as her signature outfit, so I decided to give it a go.

This was my first attempt at a full-body spandex body suit and for some reason I decided to make it in the week leading up to the con where I planned to where it. So after a single mock-up of the torso-to-mid thigh was made (so I could properly place and size the hip cut-outs), I was onto the good fabric. The final hip cut-outs are actually done with light beige swimsuit lining to help prevent odd stretching off the suit and it allows me to wear underwear and Spanx and other lovely shaping garments without having to worry about visible seamlines and strategic belt placement. Win win situation all around.

As for the accessories, well, Mai Sheri loves Kate (and Clint) as much as I do, and at the same time I was contemplating making the bodysuit, she was contemplating the cover-art version of Kate. So we did what any good set of drift partners do and bought identical wigs, sunglasses, and boots so that we could be coordinated. The belt buckle is made from Worbla because that’s what I had at hand and I new it could withstand any tension put on it if the belt got caught on things and want made the Friday night of the con in the hotel room. The headband was a dollarstore buy covered in the same spandex as my suit.

Version 0.8 (as worn to Ad Astra 2015), is still missing gloves (I borrowed a pair) and the shoulder cut-out, but those should be completed for Fall 2015 (Version 1.0). Hopefully.


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