On Pins and Broken Needles


Character Name:
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Debuted At:
PAX East 2013
Awards Won:
Anime North 2014 - Costume Workmanship Contest : Best Casual Costume, Master Division

Reference / Design Sketches

Costumes Notes

Wind Waker was the first Zelda game I had played and as such has remained my favourite. The simplicity of the designs allowed for some of the most expressive characters in the entire series and I fell in love.

Tetra was originally going to be made for the Legend of Zelda - Symphony of the Goddesses in Toronto in September 2012, but various delays (more on that later) meant that she was only partially completed by the concert, and as my friends weren't going in costume, I decided to postpone her debut until things were finished.

Overall, construction went fairly well, despite making multiple parts of the costume multiple times. My first attempt at the pants were a couple sizes too small, so 1" spacers were added to the side hems before I decided to completely remake the pants. The final version were a wonderful stretch twill and were just about as comfy as a pair of well worn pyjamas.

The belt also had multiple iterations in order to compensate for my waist-hip ratio as a simple wide rectangle would gap at the waists. The shirt and vest are just variations on the same pattern, both made out of quilting cotton and were successful on the first try.

I attempted an overall coherency with the design and fabric choices: the stripes on the pants are the same material as the shirt; the wrist wrappings are the remnants from the pants; and I made a matching bag for my stuff out of shirt and pant scraps.

The wig was an ponytail wig in Autumn Gold from Epic Wigs. I moved the ponytail higher on the head and made a massive victory roll for the bun. I managed to style it perfectly for PAXeast 2012, but trying to fix/redo it for subsequent conventions have been producing decent but not fantastic results.

The ears are Large Elf Ears from Aradani Costumes. (I highly recommend Aradani ears; I own multiple sets and they're all fantastic.)

I'm extremely pleased with this costume. It has been well received and was extremely comfortable so it will probably be brought out frequently for conventions where I'll be up and about most of the time.


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